Invest in Koszalin – Centre of Pomerania

Koszalin, being situated in the centre of Pomerania, considering its potential and development in the past years, has become an economic hallmark of the region. With nearly 108,000 residents, it is the second largest economic and cultural centre in the Zachodniopomorskie Province.

The town is an oasis of nature. Green areas, parks and forests with recreation grounds at the Chełmska Mountain take up nearly 40 percent of the total surface of Koszalin. This allows the town to be regarded a large botanic garden, and it is recognized as a green town.

Above all 18,150 economic entities that operate on the territory of the town, with 97 percent of private companies, prove the investment attractiveness of the town. Many of these companies have a foreign capital share; including Espersen Polska Sp. z o.o. (Denmark), Elfa Manufacturing Poland  Sp. z o.o. (Sweden), Rotho Sp. z o.o. (Switzerland), Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A. (Portugal), Schwarte-Milfor Sp. z o.o. (Germany).

The “Koszalin” Subzone of the Słupsk Special Economic Zone, which was established on the grounds of 22 hectares, is located within the city limits. Considering a lot of interest from entrepreneurs in these grounds, this area was increased to be four times as big, and currently it covers 150.1655 ha. Approx. 34 ha, which are being technically developed, are still available for use. About 0.3 ha is the minimum plot area, while the largest available plot is above 4 ha. It is possible to adapt the plot area to the investor’s needs. In accordance with the local spatial development plan, there are no investment barriers and the terrain is intended for production facilities, warehouses and storehouses as well as services. The permissible footprint area of the plot ranges from 50 percent to 75 percent, and the height of overground building is up to 25 meters. As many as 32 investors have already purchased land, having become convinced that it is a perfect place to invest their capital.

These attractive grounds for investments are located in the western part of the town in the so-called “Zone of Organized Investment Activities,” which is very well connected because it is in within the reach of the E-28 Berlin-Kaliningrad International Route and National Road no. 11, which links Koszalin with Poznań and with the south of the country. It is also located by the S6 dual carriageway that is under construction. Two seaports are available: in Kołobrzeg, which is located 45 km from Koszalin and in Darłowo, at a distance of 35 km.

Investors may also expect tax exemptions once they obtain decisions for the support of business activities from the Zone Managing Authority.

The representatives of the Municipal Office in Koszalin, i.e. the personnel of the Office of the Mayor’s Proxy for Key Investors and Employment, ensure uninterrupted communication and aid over the whole investment process (during negotiations and arrangements with utility providers, while submitting an application for the support of new investments, when seeking a construction permit etc.) as well as when running your business activities. They also provide assistance when hiring people in cooperation with the District Labour Agency, which organizes trainings for future employees for investors within the framework of its funds. Furthermore, each investor may turn to the Office of Mayor’s Representative in charge of Key Investors and Employment for assistance in order to form a vocational class to educate future employees to meet the specific needs of the company.

We strongly encourage you to invest in Koszalin – the Centre of Pomerania!

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