Investment funds with PLN 117 mln in inflows in May

Poland’s investment funds recorded net inflows of PLN 117 million in May, affected mostly by a large amount of payouts, a report by asset management lobby IZFiA showed.

Total equity funds recorded a net outflow of PLN 383.8 million in May. Since the beginning of the year, the balance of equity funds has been negative PLN 268.5 million.

“May was the fifth, straight month of the year with positive inflows, corresponding with a good economic situation,” IZFiA said in its report. “If it wasn’t for the significant payouts in dedicated funds, this month value would be in line with the previous ones,” the report added.

The absolute report rate, had a significant PLN 111 million outflows. Debt funds performed slightly better with PLN 3.6 million net inflows in May.

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