Iron Maiden leader to sell Polish “pocket jets”

Bruce Dickinson the vocalist of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden was so impressed with the Polish “pocket” business jet FLARIS LAR 1, that he said he is going to purchase some of the vehicles and cooperate with the producer in order to sell them in the UK.

The jet, which is manufactured in Lower Silesia, was displayed at the world’s largest airshow, Le Bourget, in France. “I was just coming by when I saw it and said wow!,” the musician said.”I am interested in planes like this. This is truly a wonderful machine,” Dickinson pointed out.

Everything seems to be settled, “Bruce Dickinson declared he is going to buy a few machines. The musician and the producers are planning to work on selling the FLARIS in the United Kingdom,” a statement read.

The production process of the jets has not started yet, the vehicles are still being tested.

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