IX Nationwide SIM Conference


Are we a new species of OMO Sapiens, and if so, what does it mean?
Does technology serve us, or rather have we become enslaved by it?
One’s abilities to read, drive a car, learn languages may soon be unnecessary, as is in the urban jungle the ability to hunt or make fire.
Would you like to know more? 9th National SIM Conference, which will take place on December 6th.
Visit the conferences’s www.konferencjesim.org and become part of the future today.

Association of Interim Managers (SIM) is the organizer of the annual Conference which is intended to promote the modern solutions and tools in the area of managing the contemporary
company. The Conference runs annually from 2009 and it has become an instant position on the list of business events in polish capital city. There are approximately 150 respectable participants of the Conference each year who represent C-suite members, Board Members, owners of firms and academic world. Program of the Conference focuses every year on these economic,technological, legal, and social challenges which are key for companies operating in Poland. Accordingly, the program touches challenges which have significant influence on the
development of the companies. Investors, competitors and managers – how to build a strategy in the “OMO (online mergers with offline) world” of New Economy of “capitalism without capital” will be the leading theme of the forthcoming Conference of 2018.

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