KPMG: banks still eager to finance real estate investments

The prospects for bank financing in the real estate market in Europe remain positive, with most banks having maintained or even increased their interest in lending activity in the sector over the last year, according to a recent survey conducted by KPMG among a total of almost 100 financial institutions in 21 countries. Banks in Poland continue to actively finance real estate investments. In fact, of all the countries analyzed by KPMG for the purposes of the study, only in Germany and the UK is real estate financing now more strategically important for banks than in Poland, said Steven Baxted, a partner and the head of the building, real estate and construction group at KPMG in Poland. The banks in the country are open to financing both new developments and income-generating projects, the KPMG study said. Poland remains one of the most preferred locations for real estate investment in Central and Eastern Europe, with the combined investment volume in the country having exceeded 2.07 billion in the first half of this year. “Relatively stable and favorable financing conditions and competition between banks are important pillars of the continuously thriving real estate investment market,” Baxted said.

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