Kraków Business Park to be on sale again

Nobody decided to purchase Kraków Business Park (KBP), a bankrupt company operating one of the largest office complexes in Poland, therefore the tender will be held again as the receiver has already applied for it to a court, reports Puls Biznesu. The asking price stood at PLN 360 million, covering the value of the company’s shares and its debt.

“I am suggesting lowering the asking price by 10 percent, to PLN 100.5 million, an extension of due diligence, a canceling of the condition that bidders be given approval from a lender to take over or that the company’s debt be paid off,” Marcin Żurawski, the KBP’s receiver said.

According to information obtained by the daily, several companies are interested in buying the complex. During the first tender, one of them conducted due diligence. BNP Paribas Real Estate, which is advising on the sale, has also informed the administrator of other interested foreign bidders.

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