Kraków leads office market among regional cities – PORF

Poland’s second-largest city, Kraków, leads in several indicators in the office market, according to Q3 figures published by the Polish Office Research Forum. PORF analyzed the office market in eight major regional cities in Poland: Kraków, Wrocław, the Tri-City, Katowice, Poznań, Łódź, Szczecin, and Lublin.

Kraków was the leader in terms of total modern office stock at the end of Q3 (867,500 sqm), office space completed in 2016 YTD (100,800 sqm), low vacancy rate (6.3 percent), and leasing activity (149,700 sqm leased).

Overall, in the eight cities, total modern office stock amounted to 3,748,400 sqm, while office space completed came to over 311,700 sqm, and 402,200 sqm remained vacant.

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