Latest credit ratings for Poland stable – Fitch, Moody’s

Image: Shutterstock

Credit rating agency Fitch announced in a press release on Friday that it had maintained the same rating for Poland – that of “A negative” or A– , which is believed to be an indication that the agency views the country’s banking system as healthy and its macroeconomic situation as stable – for now. However, the agency also stated that, due to Poland’s worsening political climate, the rating could be downgraded in the future. It pointed out the government’s huge social welfare expenditures as potentially having a destabilizing impact on the country’s investment climate.

One of the other four major international ratings agencies, Moody’s, also did not change its rating for Poland. As of Friday, its grade of Poland at A– remained unchanged. Last month, S&P unexpectedly raised its outlook on Poland’s sovereign credit rating to stable from negative, saying political and monetary policy uncertainties were easing.

Usually such credit ratings are seen as significant impact on a country’s investment situation because they are used by pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other investors to measure a country’s creditworthiness with respect to borrowing costs.

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