Law on free medicine for seniors comes into force

Image: Shutterstock

As of September 1, a law on free medicine for Polish seniors and all patients aged 75 and above came into force, the Ministry of Health announced.

From now, all Polish citizens aged over 75 will be able to get free medicine from a list issued by the Ministry of Health, which includes as many as 1,129 preparations and 68 active substances.

However, only GPs and nurses are authorized to prescribe free medicine.

In March, the Polish parliament (Sejm) adopted a law on free prescription drugs for seniors and allocated PLN 125 million for the first year, mentioning a boost of the project budget by 15 precent in the next six-seven years.

The new rule was a pledge from the Law and Justice (PiS) party ahead of last year’s parliamentary elections, which it won by a landslide result.

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