Leaders meeting 2015 – Conference Broadband Networks and Infrastructure Investment Forum


On March 26th, 2015 at the Westin Hotel in Warsaw the Leaders Meeting 2015 will be held. It consists of two simultaneous events: VIth edition of the Broadband Networks Conference and 2nd Infrastructure Investment Forum.

This event is focused on developing a shared vision of modernization of Poland and the creation of long-term basis for the development of the country. The aim of the project is to debate the major challenges faced by infrastructure sector in the light of the necessary changes: systemic, legal and financial.

Broadband Networks Conference brings together primarily policy-makers involved in improving Internet access in public institutions, businesses and residents of remote areas, who face the risk of “digital exclusion.” Conclusions of the discussions are presented in form of recommendations for the highest authorities in Poland. Debates during Infrastructure Investment Forum help to decide about specific investment decisions. They also focus on legal and systemic solutions, thereby providing an intelectual framework of Polish infrastructure system. The holistic approach to the challenges in the implementation of the investment proces, allows the participation of key representatives of both industries.

The high level content of the Conferences is guaranteed by Advisory Boards, chaired by Mr. Dariusz Kacprzyk (Infrastructure Investment Forum) and Mr. Piotr Muszyński (Broadband Networks).

Target groups – representatives of sectors:
public administration
solution Providers
Consulting / Legal / Marketing

The results of the Leaders Meeting will be presented in the form of recommendations for highest authorities representatives in Poland, underlining good practices and best solutions in the field of infrastructure and improvement of the investment enviroment.
For more information, please visit: http://polskainfrastruktura.pl/

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