Lewandowski raises his marketing value

Image : wiki media

Following his successful match against Wolfsburg and scoring five goals for Bayern Munich in just nine minutes, one of Poland’s best footballers, Robert Lewandowski has increased his marketing value abroad by four times, the experts estimated.

In 2014, the marketing value of Lewandowski’s image totaled some PLN 1 million in Poland, after his latest exploits the amount may reach PLN 2.5 million, Grzegorz Kita, the CEO at Sport Management Polska advertising agency pointed out.  “Now, Lewandowski has jumped to a higher level, he has become a different, better and more recognizable product,” Kita said.

Abroad, Lewandowski may be paid even better, because his advertising value could have increased by four times, the expert explained and added that the Polish player may engage in transeuropean and Asian campaigns, for instance in China.


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