Living close to work can be expensive –

Residential projects located close to large office hubs are popular with buyers, but the prices of apartments in them tend to be much higher than the average apartment prices in the given city, according to the latest report by The authors of the report analyzed housing units sized less than 40 sqm and located within two kilometers – or walking distance – from major concentrations of office space in several large Polish cities.

They found out that the prices of such apartments in Warsaw’s Służewiec business area (over PLN 8,800 per sqm) are more than ten percent higher than the average apartment prices in Warsaw and several percent higher than the average apartment prices in the Mokotów district where the office hub is located. Apartments located near the emerging office hub in the Rondo Daszyńskiego area in Warsaw’s Wola district are even pricier – they cost almost PLN 9,500 per sqm, which is 25 percent more than the Warsaw average.

In Gdańsk, homes located close to the office hub near the University of Gdańsk campus are priced almost PLN 7,300 per sqm, which is nearly 20 percent above the average apartment prices in the city. According to, the correlation between apartment prices and proximity to offices is not visible in those large Polish cities in which there are no major concentrations of office projects in one location and office space is distributed more evenly across a number of districts.

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