Loans up by 3.6%, deposits by 8.7% in January

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) published data regarding banks’ loans and deposits from January 2016 on a year-on-year basis.

The total value of loans in the banking sector in Poland, including foreign units, increased by 3.6 percent y/y reaching PLN 1,013.45 billion. The value of loans for enterprises increased by 2.5 percent y/y to PLN 347.53 billion, while the value of loans for households increased by 4.1 percent y/y to PLN 659.47 billion.

Households’ mortgages were valued at PLN 398.33 billion, increasing by 3.4 percent y/y. Simultaneously, loans in CHF decreased in value by 5.2 percent y/y to PLN 131.67 billion. Consumption loans’ value amounted to PLN 150.54 billion, growing by 7.2 percent y/y.

Deposits in aggregate at the end of January were worth PLN 1,015.73 billion, which represents an increase of 8.7 percent y/y. The value of business deposits increased by 8.6 percent y/y to PLN 261.81 billion, and that of households surged by 8.6 percent y/y to PLN 731.23 billion.

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