Loans up by 3.7%, deposits by 5% at end-July

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) published data regarding banks’ loans and deposits for the first seven months of this year. The total value of loans in the banking sector in Poland, including foreign units, increased by 3.7 percent y/y reaching PLN 1,034.11 billion. The value of loans for enterprises increased by 5.5 percent y/y to PLN 360.92 billion, while the value of loans for households increased by 2.7 percent y/y to PLN 666.49 billion.

Mortgages were valued at PLN 394.87 billion, inching up by 0.7 percent y/y. Simultaneously, loans in CHF decreased in value by 13.9 percent y/y to PLN 116.45 billion. Consumption loans’ value amounted to PLN 156.57 billion, growing by 7 percent y/y.

Deposits at the end of July were worth PLN 1,018.87 billion, which represents an increase of 5 percent y/y. The value of business deposits increased by 3.9 percent y/y to PLN 256.25 billion, and that of grew by 5.2 percent y/y to PLN 738.36 billion.

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