Logistics for the DIY industry must work perfectly

Juliusz Pakuński Project manager Dachser DIY Logistics in Poland

Logistics services associated with deliveries to Do-It-Yourself stores are not a simple task. Everything must run like clockwork to get the product on the shelf and make it available to the final customer as soon as possible. The challenge becomes even more complicated when it comes to international deliveries.

by Juliusz Pakuński Project manager Dachser DIY Logistics in Poland

More and more Polish companies decide to export their products to various European countries. Large DIY stores, which allow those entities to significantly expand the scale of sales, are an attractive target for many of them. However, to be able to cooperate with big store chains, it is necessary to meet a number of tight requirements, including the perfect planning of logistics processes. Extremely helpful, and sometimes even necessary, may be using the services of a reliable international logistics operator. This allows for a significant improvement of processes – from transport, through to delivery to the ramp, ending in placing the goods on the shelf. One of the most important criteria of cooperation with DIY networks is the ability of the supplier to quickly execute the contract, which largely depends on the time needed for transport. A large logistics operator, with a dense network of connections and branches can handle deliveries to multiple points scattered around Europe very smoothly, and thanks to the consolidation of shipments from different customers – also in terms of price. For individual companies that plan to carry out the deliveries by themselves, it is a challenge that can often turn out to be simply impassable.

A company that wants to join the group of entities cooperating with European DIY networks should also be aware that it is much easier for the markets to include the next manufacturer to the existing supply system than to organize new deliveries “from scratch.” It is preferable for the networks to have a few large operators supplying goods to stores as it helps reduce the number of cars on the ramps, which in turn has a positive influence on delivery times and costs. For this reason, retailers give direct recommendations regarding the selected, proven operators they regularly work with. Thus, the possibility of booking specific time windows is available mainly for the operators who have central contracts with the networks or those that deliver large volumes of goods. Another issue in favor of cooperation with a specialized logistics operator is the service of the final stage of the supply – from the moment of delivering the products to the store, to the point where they will be on the shelf. The smoother the process goes, the faster the goods can be sold to the consumer. As a result, the product is delivered to the shelf not in 4.5 days on average but in one day. Our employees are also involved in the control of the quantity and quality of the supplied goods: their labeling, repacking, handling promotions and refunds. Therefore, cooperation with an experienced operator allows the supplier to save both time and moneyect manager Dachser DIY Logistics in Poland

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