Media reports: no major cuts for Poland in EU budget

According to information acquired by radio stations RMF FM and Polskie Radio, the EU budget for 2021-2027 will be more beneficial for Poland than previously reported. The future budget will be presented by the European Commission on May 2.

According to RMF FM, a pool of EU expenditures has already been established: EUR 392 billion for the cohesion policy and EUR 336 billion for agriculture. This information has also been confirmed by Polish Radio. “The cuts caused by Brexit and the new challenges (migration and security) will therefore amount to 10 percent on the Cohesion Fund and 5 percent on the Common Agricultural Policy,” RMF radio reported.

Polskie Radio indicated that there will be no significant cuts to the EU budget. “Savings in the EU budget due to Brexit and new goals have been sought elsewhere, mainly in the field of innovation and research,” noted Polskie Radio.


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