Meeting of Leaders of Banking and Insurance


Undoubtedly, year 2016 is full of changes in the financial and insurance industry. New law and regulatory conditions, changes made by banks in granting credits, amendments in credit cards acceptation, or recommendations considering bills on transfer are significant transformations, which concern financial and insurance institutions as well as their clients. Consequently, Meeting of Leaders of Banking and Insurance, which will take place on 5-6th of October 2016, will be not lacking in the discussion of key issues.

It has been confirmed by one of the Advisory Board members of Warsaw International Banking Summit- Banking Forum, Piotr Kaczmarek, who is the President of the Management Board, Getin Holding. He said:’ It is good that we meet periodically on sequent editions of this conference, during which bank clerks can discuss changes taking place in the industry. The event is not lacking in interesting topics and issues or global and local challenges, especially, that we have been waiting for that interesting times in financial sector for a long time’’

The scope of the substantive part of the meeting will be developed by the Advisory Boards, which are led by Mr. President Mariusz Grendowicz (Warsaw International Banking Summit – Banking Forum) and Mr. President Artur Olech (Insurance Forum). Among members of the Advisory Board are the most important people from the financial industry i.a. Franz Fuchs (President of the board of directors, Vienna Insurance Group w Polsce), Adam Uszpolewicz (President of the Management Board, Aviva) Andrzej Jarczyk (President of the Management Board, Uniqa) Piotr Kaczmarek (President of the Management Board, Getin Holding) Joao Bras Jorge (President of the Management Board, Bank Millennium) Zbigniew Jagiełło (President of the Management Board, PKO Bank Polski) Sławomir S. Sikora (President of the Management Board, Bank Citi Handlowy) Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz (President, The Polish Bank Association).

We invite you to have a look at the video from the past edition. More information about the event on the website:

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