Merkel and Kopacz discuss German minimum wage’s impact on Polish transport firms

Image : Sejm RP/Ivona Kaplan

Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz talked with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel about the impact of Germany’s new minimum wage law on Polish transport companies. According to a new law that came into force on January 1 in Germany, all employees working in German territory regardless of where their employer is based have to be paid a minimum wage of €8.5 an hour. The new law will decrease the competitiveness of Polish freight and transport companies, Kopacz argued and said that she will do anything to protect their interests.

The Polish PM also said that Poland has asked the European Commission to analyze in detail whether the new German law is in line with the EU regulations on the common market. Merkel and Kopacz agreed that the matter should be discussed by Polish and German ministers.


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