Metal riffs on classics. History comes full circle in the designer interiors of Hala Koszyki

Image: Tétris

It is hard to find a more climatic location for your business in Warsaw than Hala Koszyki. Offices in the former market place, located in the new buildings adjoining the main hall, mesmerize visitors with their clash of history and modern design. A significant part of their magic is created by the entrance halls, delivered by Tétris in accordance with Medusa Group concept.

This original space inspired creation of an album, which on over a hundred pages describes this unusual investment.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries market halls were the centre of life of every European metropolis. In the past the best business deals were made in tasteful interiors. Today, tenants have a unique and stylish office space in Hala Koszyki (Baskets hall) at their disposal, which is a complex of three buildings – from five to eight storey high – located on the outskirts of the shopping and restaurant area. The design of those interiors relates to the name of the project, but in a more rigorous and modern version.

– The power to attract guests is an important function of every office reception area. It must be unique, communicate tenant’s prestige, and entice visitors. It is often closely bound with a commercial success of the space,” says Łukasz Łoziński from Tétris, who was responsible for the construction of the reception area, halls, bathrooms and lift lobbies in the office sectors of Hala Koszyki.

The entrance halls to buildings A, B and C are massive and very expressive. The dominant element of their finishing is the fancifully crafted copper plate, combined with impressive graffiti. The construction of individual elements was a complicated process due to some pioneering solutions in architecture of this interior.

An example of such solution is the reception area in the building B, decorated with patterns that bring to mind baskets – a namesake of Hala Koszyki. Walls of that area are beaming with gold openwork. – This effect was achieved using the heavy-duty expanded brass mesh. The sheet has been shipped from France to the Czech Republic where it was cut and stretched. Then, already in Poland, the sheet has been painted, and then mounted on all of the walls and ceilings surrounding the reception – adds Łukasz Łoziński of Tétris. The industrial effect of this interior is complemented by the steel floor in the lobby and raw reception walls finished with black hot rolled sheet.

Another challenge posed the ceilings that adorn the building’s lobby. – We had to modify the design a bit to achieve the intended translucency of the ceiling and integrate it with the fire protection system. The ceiling is now made of metal panels with circular patterns, mounted in a certain distance from the wall. To build them, we needed a matrix to cut patterns with a special press and bent them to the required shape – adds Łukasz Łoziński of Tétris. The specific character of these spaces is highlighted by a luminous floor lined with marble imported from Spain.

All the elements of the new interior – both the main hall and office buildings – blend together, drawing inspiration from history. Also, the companies that decided to rent their offices in the new “Koszyki” follow the same concept.

One of those companies is Eneris which today occupies 1,100 square meters on two floors of the building B. This new interior, delivered by Tétris, and designed by Studio Quadra, presents open spaces with visible elements of reinforced concrete. On the ceilings we have exposed installations, only in some places covered with acoustic panels. The finish is dominated by raw design with a lot of glass walls and steel window sills. The halls leading to Eneris are in harmony with the general look and feel of the reception area, with a brass grid on the ceilings and suggestive graphics on the walls. All of this has one purpose – assuring that no visitor remains indifferent to the surrounding space.

The monograph dedicated to Hala Koszyki was published by “Builder Exclusive”. This impressive album is complemented by world-class artistic photographs by Juliusz Sokołowski, who is considered the godfather of contemporary architecture photography in Poland.

Hala Koszyki is a new social and culinary spot on the Warsaw map. This unusual place, where flavours from all around the world meet under one roof, is the flagship investment of Griffin Real Estate. The design prepared the architectural studio JEMS Architekci, and the interior concept was delivered by the design studio Medusa Group. The general contractor of this investment is Erbud.

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