Moody’s affirms Poland’s rating at A2

Image: Shutterstock

On September 9, rating agency Moody’s has maintained Poland’s long-term foreign debt grade at A2 with a negative outlook.

The Polish Finance Ministry confirmed that the country’s rating remained at the level of A2/P-1 for long and short term liabilities respectively in foreign and local currency with a negative outlook.

“Poland sees a decision by Moody’s Investor’s Services not to update its credit rating as confirmation of the country’s positive long-term economic growth prospects,” commented Deputy Prime Minister and Development Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

“Perhaps it is something other than a full confirmation of the rating, but no downgrade is no downgrade. I think that the lack of a downgrade decision confirms what results from my talks with foreign investors – that the long-term growth prospect for our economy is positive,” Morawiecki concluded.

The agency has held Poland’s A2 rating stable since 2002. Moody’s has the highest rating on Poland from the three major agencies, compared to S&P’s rating at BBB+ with a negative outlook and Fitch’s rating at A- with a stable outlook.

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