Morawiecki: I expect EU to launch Article 7 procedure

Newly appointed Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said during his first trip to Brussels in a new role, that he fully expects that the European Commission will launch Article 7 procedures against Poland. “If a process has started and, as far as I understand, the decision has already been made that next Wednesday the European Commission plans to start the procedure, then it will most likely be triggered,” he said, adding that he will do his best to stop it from making happen. “From the start of such an unfair procedure for us, until it ends, we will certainly talk to our partners.”

EU is threating to launch an unprecedented Article 7 proceedings as a result of the recent attempts to overhaul Polish judiciary system and give the parliament the power to nominate top judges.

Western European Union peers, the bloc’s executive Commission, opposition at home and democracy advocates say the reforms undermine court independence by putting them under more direct government controls.

The Article 7, established to ensure “that all EU countries respect the common values of the EU,” has never been used. If passed it would strip Poland of its voting rights in the EU. However to be implemented it needs to be approved by all member states unanimously, while Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has stated that he would veto any attempt to sanction Poland.

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