Morawiecki to replace Szydło – media

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According to various media sources, ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party leader, Jarosław Kaczyński plans to replace current PM Beata Szydło with Deputy PM Mateusz Morawiecki. The change could happen as soon as next week.

Some insiders, cited by the media claim that Morawiecki, who is seen by some as a face of Poland’s continuous strong economic growth, would be a better face for the party before a number of elections in coming years.  “It’s been obvious for a long time that there was no internal communication in the government and individual ministers were often following their own agenda,” said one high-ranked official quoted by Reuters.

But others claim that Szydło dismissal is unlikely, although Morawiecki’s position in the government could be elevated even further.

In recent weeks, media reported that Kaczyński himself could become PM, but the rumors were cut short after it was revealed that he suffered a knee injury in recent weeks and might need surgery.

The government reshuffle has been announced back in October, but no decisions have been made so far. On Monday, Szydło wrote on Twitter that “no matter what happens, Poland is most important”, fuelling talk she might lose her job.

Government’s spokeswomen Beata Mazurek declined to say when a reshuffle could take place and whether Szydlo would be removed. But she told journalists it is not a “secret” that Morawiecki has been a candidate. “We are talking about goals for the future,” Mazurek said. “It is not about something ‘new’, but about what tasks are ahead of us and they are related to the economy – and Deputy Prime Minister Morawiecki is responsible for the economy,” she said.


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