More births in Poland – GUS

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The number of births in Poland increased in H1 of 2014 by 3.3 percent (5,500) as compared to the same period of 2013 and currently amounts to 186,900 children, according to data from the Central Statistical Office (GUS).

However, the rate of natural increase is still on a negative level of -7,000, but the population of Poles increased by 22,000, thanks to people coming back from abroad.

Analysts told Dziennik Gazeta Prawna that the higher number of children births may be the result of the prolonged, one-year maternity leave which was introduced in 2013. The scientists are however skeptical about the coming years. The total fertility rate amounts to 1.3 and will not guarantee generation renewal.

The number of deaths in H1 of 2014 was 187,500, 0.7 percent less than in H1 of 2013, said GUS. In addition, the number of marriages increased and the number of divorces decreased, what makes the future more optimistic, demographers say.

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