More Polish firms want to hire foreigners

Image : shutterstock

According to a report conducted by Work Service, 12 percent of Polish firms plan to hire foreigners in the next year. Although it is not much, it is still a progress, as now only about 7 percent of them employ non-natives, ISBnews reports.

Those people are mostly employed in the service sector (11 percent), whereas in each of the following sectors: trade, public or production, the employment is at around 5 percent.

“The majority of employers (76 percent) declares that the crucial reason for not using foreign resources is the sufficient amount of appropriate polish candidates” the statement reads. Other reasons include lack of foreigners willing to work in Poland (70 percent). 40 percent of them told that they do not carry out additional recriutment for non-polish workers or that their environment is not adjusted to a multicultural cooperation.


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