Most promising export industries: furniture, cereal and baked goods, automotive – BZ WBK

The industries with the best exports prospects are furniture, followed by cereal products and baked goods, and the automotive sector, according to the “Exports TOP50” ranking compiled by lender BZ WBK.

Bread consumption is decreasing putting a strain on bakeries and grain distributors Image : Shutterstock

Image : Shutterstock

The furniture industry has maintained its top position, thanks to high growth rate of 12 percent y/y recorded last year and the largest trade surplus of PLN 36.932 billion in 2016. Last year, the furniture industry exported a total of PLN 48 billion worth of products.

Cereal and baked goods also kept their second position in the ranking, while chocolate products jumped four spots to the fourth place in this year’s ranking. Meat products ranked ninth.

Image : Shutterstock

Image : Shutterstock

The automotive industry advanced three spots to the third position. Last year, Poland exported PLN 95.446 billion worth of cars and car parts, marking an 18 percent increase y/y. Interestingly, another transportation category, aircraft, spacecraft and their components, ranked in the 16th position.

Cosmetics and chemicals industry took the fifth spot in the ranking, climbing 11 spots over the past year, while wood products, including windows, doors and floor panels ranked sixth.


Here’s the Top 10 most promising export industries for Poland:

Category              Exports in 2016 (mln PLN) Exports growth 2016/2015
1. Furniture 48,014 12%
2. Cereal and baked goods    8,739 17%
3. Automotive 95,446 18%
4. Chocolate and cacao products    6,505   5%
5. Cosmetics and chemicals 11,787 16%
6. Wood products, windows & doors 16,768 10%
7. Books, print media    5,802 13%
8. Toys, sportswear    5,388 17%
9. Meat and meat products 17,758   8%
10. Machines, electrical appliances 90,885   1%
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