Museum Night 2015

Image : shutterstock Place of Culture and Science

On May 16th, the City of Warsaw will spend the night in museums, cultural institutions and out in the street. In 2014, a quarter million visitors came to Warsaw’s museums. This year almost all institutions will remain open throughout the night: the National Museum, the Royal Castle, Frederic Chopin Museum, the Warsaw Uprising Museum, museums of History, Flight, Railroad or the Neon Museum, as well as the Copernicus Science Centre and the Polish Army Warsaw Garrison Headquarters. In all, 240 institutions will take place – so there is a lot to choose from.

Visitors will be able to put on their dancing shoes at Warsaw’s Praga Museum and boogie to the tune of some old time beats. The Palace of Culture and Science, which is commemorating its 60th birthday, will offer tours of the massive building’s underground levels -1 and -2. The historic tram depot on Kawęczyńska will also be open to visitors. The Wedel chocolate factory will give tours for the sweet toothed visitor. Unfortunately, the chocolate factory cannot accommodate handicapped visitors.

The Polish Academy of Sciences has a multi-theme approach with Einstein, doppelgangers, Spanish guitar and national anthems. The Jabłkowski Gallery on ul. Chmielna will host a workshop on Warsaw slang, and films about the city will be shown. Special bus and tram lines will run all night long. Lucky commuters may hitch a ride on a 1960s “cucumber” bus or the antique tram. Transportation maps will be available in Polish and English.

The museum night concept was born in Berlin in 1997 and has been sweeping the continent since. Museums across Europe will keep their doors open late this saturday. The event debuted in Poznań over ten years ago and has spread to over a hundred cities and towns across Poland.



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