Nazi gold train detected

A legendary Nazi treasure train has been 99 percent found, according to Wałbrzych (Silesia) city authorities.

The evidence of the existence of the train came from photographs taken using GPR (Ground-penetrating radar, a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to give an image of subsurface features). The officials said the train was found on city land but they have not disclosed its exact location as it is most likely mined, thus very dangerous for amateur treasure hunters. One of the people who participated in hiding the train made a deathbed confession about its location, the media reported.

It has to be noted, that the discovery is formally owned by the Polish State Treasury, and its founders (a German and a Pole) may receive a 10 percent reward. Arkadiusz Grudzień, assistant to the mayor of Walbrzych told CNN that the claim by the two men had been passed to the government level, to be studied by the defense, treasury, culture, and finance ministries. Conservation officer Piotr Żuchowski, stressed that the train may feature some antiques, but it is too early to name them.

The train went missing at the end of WWII when the Soviet Red Army was closing in on the Nazi forces.

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