NBP: FDI inflows reach PLN 54.9 bln in 2016

The foreign direct investments (FDI) net inflows last year amounted to PLN 54.9 billion, according to the Poland’s Central Bank (NBP). The figure includes PLN 34.2 billion in reinvested profits, PLN 8.4 billion in capital inflows in the form of shares and other equity interests, and a net inflow of PLN 8.6 billion in various debt instruments.

The largest inflows were from the Netherlands (PLN 20.2 billion), followed by Germany (PLN 13.7 billion) and Luxembourg (PLN 8.7 billion). On the other spectrum was Ireland, which disinvested PLN 2.3 billion, and Italy (negative PLN 1.6 billion).

On the other hand, Polish investors spent PLN 31.8 billion abroad. Investments in shares and other forms of equity amounted to PLN 22.7 billion, reinvested profits reached PLN 1.9 billion, while investments in debt instruments amounted to PLN 7.3 billion.

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