NBP: Main risk factors for regional GDP growth is slowdown in Russia & China

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The National Bank of Poland (NBP) released a report on Thursday entitled “The economic situation in Central and Eastern Europe”, in which it asserted that the main risk factor for GDP growth in the region is the global economic slowdown caused by a weakening situation in developing countries, particularly Russia and China.

“The predictions of international institutions indicate that the tempo and structure of the economic growth of the region should stabilize in the nearest years.” the report read. It also disclosed that the current dynamism of exports and prices should be maintained, but that demand for investment is expected to fall, due to the decrease in EU funding.

In a separate report, the NBP also announced that it predicts for Poland’s GDP to grow 3,5 percent in 2016. Previously, in its budgetary projections, the government had predicted a GDP growth of 3,8 percent.

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