NC Investment building tenement house replica in Warsaw

Image: NC Investment

Developer NC Investment has launched construction work on its Lubartowska 20 residential project in Warsaw. The six-floor scheme will offer only eight apartments; however, it will stand out due to the fact that its architecture will be modeled after that of modernist tenement houses built in Warsaw in the 1930s. Both the façade and the interior of the building will feature elements typical for the modernist style of pre-war Warsaw. The Lubartowska 20 development was designed by the Wawa Architekci architectural studio and is scheduled to be completed in April 2019 with NC Construction acting as the general contractor. NC Investment it not ruling out the development of more tenement house replicas in Warsaw in the future, provided that it manages to secure suitable sites. The company is not planning the acquisition and revitalization of existing historic buildings of this kind.

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