Neinver managing Silesia Outlet in Gliwice

Image: Neinver

Outlet centers developer and operator Neinver has been appointed as the manager of the Silesia Outlet project, which investor 6B47 is developing in Gliwice. The scheme will offer 20,000 sqm of retail space and house 120 stores at full build-out, and will be the biggest outlet center in Silesia. Its first phase, covering 12,000 sqm of GLA and able to accommodate 70 tenants, is set to be completed in the spring of this year. The development is currently over 70% leased out with BOIG acting as the leasing agent. Neinver will be responsible for asset management, facility management and marketing processes. Once Silesia Outlet has opened for business, the company will also become responsible for the commercialization process.

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