Nethone with PLN 16 mln financing for cybersecurity behavioral software

Nethone, a software developer specializing in fraud detection and prevention, received a PLN 16 million grant from the National Center for Research and Development’s European Intelligence Development fund for two major research and development projects: Nethone ATO and Elympics, altogether valued at PLN 21.58 million.

By combining artificial intelligence with multidimensional behavioral analysis, behavioral biometry and automatic behavioral pattern recognition, Nethone hopes to create software for protection against bank-account takeovers (Nethone ATO) and e-doping/hacking in mobile multiplayer gaming (Elympics).

Nethone ATO aims to effectively protect against the increasing amount of unauthorized account takeovers attempts by accurately detecting threats through the self-learning capabilities of the system. “Banks and other financial institutions have been trying for a long time to deal with the increasing frequency of ATO attacks that their clients experience. Unfortunately, currently used measures do not balance security and convenience for their users.The goal of Nethone ATO is to use our knowledge, experience and technology to verify the identity of the account holder, without even the smallest detriment to the user’s experience.” said Nethane CEO Hubert Rachwalski.

Nethone partnered up with local Warsaw mobile development studio Daftmobile of the Daftcode group to defend mobile e-sports from cheaters, as well as make future mobile game development cheaper and faster. Elympics will be distributed in the form of a universal Software Development Kit that gives game developers the ability to implement it into its products with ease. The platform matches competitors against each other and simultaniously detects even the most sophisticated fraud attempts.

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