New xenophobic crime against Poles in UK

Image: Shutterstock

On September 9, a Polish citizen was beaten up in Leeds in the UK by a gang of 30 young boys and girls, the British media reported on Sunday.

A group of 30 youths attacked two men, and severely beat up one of the them, in the west of Leeds. According to the media, the man is still being treated in hospital but his injuries are not life threatening. Police are treating the attack as a xenophobic crime.

“British police detained one man as part of the investigation, and is looking for more information that will help determine the exact course of events,” Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak told TVP.

It is the 18th such incident against the Polish minority in the UK since the Brexit referendum in June 2016.

On August 27, two Polish citizens, aged 40 and 43, were beaten by a group of teenagers. The 40-year-old man suffered serious head injuries and later died while his friend is recovering after having suffered hand fractures and bruising to the stomach.

On September 4, a few hours after a march to honor the killed Pole, two other Poles were attacked in Harlow. Police said the attack was a “potential hate crime” and one victim suffered a broken nose, the other a cut to his head.

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