Next Generation Congress invites young leaders of family entrepreneurship

“Generation change in Polish family businesses”, “A new generation of Polish entrepreneurs coming”, “Young leaders with new vision” – succession processes in Polish family businesses are more and more popular, also in the headlines. Young entrepreneurs join their parents, strengthen their businesses, but also look for opportunities to find their own ways: they have their own dreams and goals, they focus not only on business but also on personal development. That is why they meet at the Next Generation Congress organized by the Family Business Institute (October 19-20, Poznan). They will get some inspiration from e.g. Michał Leszek (Kruger&Matz), Tomasz Kwiatkiewicz (YES), Anna Bielak – Dworska (Saternus) and Kuba Giermaziak (Netbox, with a passion for rally driving).

Just in a few years creative, self-confident successors will be responsible for the success of their companies. Before that, they must get to know the markets of their businesses and learn to make courageous decisions based on tradition and values that they have been raised with. But first of all, young people need to develop the ability to be leaders in their organizations! In order to convince their parents, employees and contractors to believe in their competence, successors must believe in themselves!

The Congress Next Generation “POWER Project. Feel your power!” will focus on five areas: leadership, fears, values, expansion and family. 200 successors participating in the Next Generation Congress will gain unique knowledge from the international experts and from their peers who face similar problems and challenges. Speakers will show how to find your own path in business and stay oneself while taking over the business of the parents. They will reflect on how to gain trust in the family and among the employees and how to maintain good relationships in the family through the succession process. Siblings will talk about their work together, and only children about the expectations of their parents. In addition to the lectures, participants will also be able to take advantage of creative workshops, such as “How to understand conflict” or “Service design”.

The content is not everything – a great opportunity to exchange thoughts and experiences will be coffee breaks, lunches and the evening party. Last year’s edition showed how much such transfer of knowledge and ideas is needed!

It is the time of the Next Generation! Forget everyday problems and focus on the future! Feel your power!

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