‘Noname Architects’ design studio wins the Tétris contest

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the contest for the creative arrangement concept of the new Tétris office in Warsaw Spire building is “Noname Architects”. Also, particularly noteworthy were the ideas of Inspace and Bizzon Architektura Wnętrz.

In recent months Tétris has received several dozen works, each of which presented original and very interesting concepts of arrangement for their future office. The jury chose the project by “Noname Architects” because its authors proposed some extraordinary functional and spatial solutions. The project stands out with its high compositional and conceptual consistency.

“We liked their creative approach to the space plan. They offered some interesting modifications while not changing the layout. The space became more dynamic. The geometry of the space gains some sharpness; through the entire project some shapes and forms of the ceiling are mirrored on the floor”, says Danuta Barańska, creative director of Tétris.

Concluding the contest means the beginning of the work on the architectural design of the new space. The winning design contains interesting concepts, which will become an inspiration for the final solutions. We will be pleased to present the evolution of those solutions, as they develop with the guidance of Tétris professionals.

We would like to thank two more design studios. The first is Inspace, whose project presented a particular sense of graphic, stylistic and color cohesion. It offers interesting solutions for the space and meeting rooms. The second studio – Bizzon Architektura Wnętrz – proposed some very interesting material solutions as well as very creative finishes of walls and ceilings. We will be pleased to offer both of these companies cooperation on other current or future Tétris projects.

Here are some glimpses into the winning concept. Congratulations!


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