Norman Davies becomes Polish citizen

Image : Wikimedia

UK historian, professor Norman Davies, officially received Polish citizenship from President Bronisław Komorowski at a ceremony on Friday.

“You are an exceptional Pole and I am happy to be able to present you with Polish citizenship,” Komorowski said at the event. He stressed the value of showing Polish history to the outside world and showing Poland how it is seen elsewhere.

Davies stressed that having two citizenships should be considered natural. “Every human being has a multi-layered identity or is able to have one,” he said. In “normal times,” he said, it should be no problem to be both a faithful Pole and a faithful British citizen.

The professor is best-known in Poland for his two-volume history of the country, “God’s Playground.” His other works include “Europe: A History”, “Rising ’44: The Battle for Warsaw”and “Europe at War 1939–1945: No Simple Victory”.

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