Number of gas stations drops by 179 in Jan-Sep

Image : Orlen

The number of gas stations in Poland fell by 179 over the first three quarters of 2017, from 6,803 existing at the end of last year to 6,624 at the end of September, according to data presented by oil industry organization POPiHN. The market leader, Orlen, had 1,758 stations, including 81 under the Bliska brand, which the oil giant has been phasing out (at the end of last year there were 108 Bliska stations). BP came in second with 526 stations and Gdańsk-based Lotos had 485, including 204 under the Optima brand.

According to POPiHN data, 33.9 percent of the market is controlled by Polish oil concerns.

Independent operators currently hold 26.8 percent of the market (Moya being the largest with 158 stations, followed by Huzar with 105). However their share is shrinking the quickest (the number of independent operators’ stations fell by 180 over January-September to reach 2,720).

International concerns hold 22.3 percent of the Polish market (1,477 stations).

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