Number of indebted millennials in Poland grew by 15%

Image : shutterstock

The number of young debtors in Poland grew by 15 percent during the year.  About 154,500 millennials (aged 18-24) have problems with paying credits and bills. In total their debt amounts to about PLN 872 million,  BIG InfoMonitor and BIK reported.

The average overdue debt (at least PLN 200 delayed by at least 30 days) of young Poles stands at PLN 5,642. About 47 percent have a debt in the range of PLN 1,000 to PLN 4,000.

Credits account for the biggest part of millennials’ debt totaling about PLN  470 million. On top of that, young Poles have about PLN 402 million debt in various categories. For examples, unpaid telephone bills amount to  PLN 94.9 million.


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