Current issue – WBJ May 2018

ENTERING APRIL, most of us were longing for sunshine, vitamin D and business energy, and what a month it was! We went from the long, gloomy, cold winter nights to the red-hot, bright summer days overnight, basically skipping spring altogether. Flowers and trees blossomed less than two weeks into April, and so did business sentiment and energy. With the latest official data showing another record-low unemployment figure and continued GDP growth – the forecast for 2018 now exceeds 4 percent – it seems we are in for an exciting few months, irrespective of whether it is already summer or still spring.

A city that has recently been undergoing revival and blossoming is Łódź – in this issue we take a deeper look at how the 19th century “factory” of Poland is being transformed into a 21st century business magnet.

Another sector where Poland is aiming high is the space industry. While still not a major player, Poland is catching up quickly with European leaders – read the interviews and analyses on pp. 23-35.
The constantly growing global demand for energy is a challenge for Poland, one which is both economic and environmental, but the future does not need to be bleak, as we learned when we sat down with energy industry experts from Kochański, Zięba & Partners (see pp. 46-49).

One of the most tantalizing buzzwords and economic “miracles” of 2017 was bitcoin. We discuss the technology behind it and delve into the opportunities related to blockchain, with input from several market experts.

Last but not least, we look into trends in the real estate market: how office fit-out is evolving to keep employees healthy, and how the premium residential market is delivering attractive opportunities for buyers and for residents of fully-serviced rental apartments.

Enjoy the read.


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