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Isn’t it amazing what a blue sky can do? A crack of light and all of a sudden there’s a new energy in the air: plans, both great and small, feel like they’re coming together. Wishful thinking? Certainly not. This issue our editorial team measures the rising temperature of the Polish business world whilst also putting the latest real estate trends under the microscope, gauging investor appetite and learning more about relations with Japan.  

Ahead of you this edition, Nicklas Lindberg talks about trends in real estate while Mariusz Lasek, head of Comarch Technologies – one of Poland’s true success stories – guides us through the Internet of Things. And it’s not just domestic companies on the lookout for technical talent in Poland: Demant Technologies have entered the local R&D market seeking to ultimately improve healthcare all over the world.
So far, so bright, but will the lowering of the pension age dampen the economic mood? That’s another topic tackled inside. 

Last, but by no means least, in co-operation with our long-term partner CEEQA, the WBJ team is proud to present its latest trend and status report regarding the current state  and future of real estate in CEE & SEE.

On a final note, we’re delighted to announce another increase to our print run. Complementing our usual distribution channels, we’ve now also added over 100 coffee shops in Warsaw and beyond as subscribers – good times for us, good times for you. Enjoy the read and see you next month.


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