Current issue – WBJ June/July 2018

DRIVING CROSSCOUNTRY at the end of May I was once again reminded just how far Poland has come in terms of its infrastructure and urbanization. If once the nation’s roads were the butt of jokes, today their improved quality doesn’t just save time, but also quite probably lives.

While both private and EU investment have figured heavily in the overall improvement, so too has increased pressure from Poland’s transport and logistic companies. With consumer shopping habits changing, the onus has fallen on the need to offer shorter delivery times and more effective transport solutions. These are demands that Poland’s booming logistics sector has embraced, and it’s such challenges that form the basis of our conversation with Janusz Anioł, the general director of Raben Logistics Polska, the largest such company in the country.

Fortunately, the changing face of Poland’s road network has failed to destroy the nation’s glorious countryside, and it’s in summer that the surrounding fields and forests pack the most punch. But beyond natural beauty, summer in Poland is also inevitably and inexorably associated with marriage: wedding season is upon us! Although, in accordance with demographic trends, the number of marriages is actually in decline, the actual wedding industry is thriving, buoyed by the bold and extravagant tastes that Poles have acquired over the years – fittingly, that’s another subject we explore in this issue.

Art, too, factors into this magazine. Twenty years back I remember visiting Wilanów’s poster museum for the first time and being staggered by the creativity of Poland’s artists and designers. Clearly, I’m not the only one, and a growing number of companies are now seeking to create publicly accessible art-driven spaces: wrapping up this issue, we take a deeper look at how art has become more and more prevalent in the country’s offices and homes.

As always, I hope you enjoy the read. Have a great summer!


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