Current issue – Happy New Year!

YES, I’M A LITTLE EARLY with the crystal ball, but I’m taking my chances and predicting that the New Year will bring more good tidings featuring shareholder satisfaction, market growth and new opportunities. Certainly, this is something that goes for the Warsaw Business Journal and we look forward to revealing plenty of new features come 2018.

In the meantime though, business as usual. Or should that be, business as unusual? Helping us decide, our regular contributors have cast their expert eye on key issues that will dominate the forthcoming agenda: what does a Sunday retail ban really mean for Poland? How will new data protection laws impact you and your business? Does bitcoin pose a threat or an opportunity? Will changes to tax law affect property investment? And what market opportunities should we look out for?

Further, this issue we sit down with Charles Carnall of Hays Poland to discuss the recruitment industry and the effect that millennials are having on it. Beyond our cover story, we look at big data marketing, the benefits and challenges facing a cashless economy, changes emerging in the retail sector and how transformations in office and work space habits have both disrupted and brought new opportunities to real estate companies.

Of course, I’d like to sign off by wishing a Happy New Year to all of our regular readers and subscribers, not to mention our partners, sponsors and advertisers, whose continued support allows us to bring you all the latest news from Poland’s business front line!

Morten Lindholm

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