Current issue – Correction, disruption, diversification, security, equality

There are many big words on the 2018 agenda. I admit that after my overtly bullish outlook all the way through 2017, the first several weeks of the year have given me reason to pause. It’s hard not to see some warning signs, be they of a temporary hiccup or of a larger correction looming over world stock markets.

We saw some strong financial results in Q4 2017, but market expectations have been building up to a level that could no longer be realistic. Most companies delivered on their promise, particularly on the Polish market, which is seeing remarkable growth overall. But as much as stock markets give in to overall optimism, they are also prone to succumbing to panic once some of the results deviate from forecasts. And that could be a slippery slope for all involved – just saying.

But onto more optimistic notes. Having been brought up in Scandinavia, ideas such as “democracy,” “freedom of speech” and “equal rights for both genders and all citizens” have always been as certain to me as the proverbial “death and taxes.” Unfortunately, this isn’t true everywhere and for everyone – and that is why I am very proud to include equality as part of WBJ’s mission to put forward great Polish success stories from great Polish leaders, regardless of their gender, race or political views. Take a look at some of the amazing stories we bring you in our Women in Leadership section on pp. 31-43.

In our first issue of 2018, we dive right into the world of real estate as well, with the recordbreaking 2017 transaction volume in mind. We talked to some key players in the market to ask whether there is any cause for concern or if they believe the market growth is sustainable. Are we going to see a new all-time-high apartment price in Poland in 2018? Is there enough land to sustain the current level of development? Will the residential market keep selling as well as it has?

Economic aspects aside, Poland has been making a lot of headlines recently, not all of them as favorable as one would wish. We take a step back to evaluate the recent government shakeup, and the latest controversial legal and environmental policies, as well as how they affect Poland’s place within the EU.

Monitor, analyze, adjust, focus, continue, master – I wish you a successful spring.
Enjoy the read.

Morten Lindholm

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