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AFTER A HOT AND SUNNY SUMMER, it’s time to get back to business. Between the Economic Forum at Krynica, the European Forum for New Ideas in Sopot and a number of industry gatherings, this September is going to be an eventful time for professionals and business leaders in Poland.

To get the ball rolling, WBJ’s September issue focuses on big success stories. Our editors have talked to Piotr Kochański, founder of Kochański Zięba & Partners, a leading law firm, about the ebbs and flows of building a successful law firm in Poland. We also sat down with the CEO of Polish chocolatier Mieszko to discuss leadership style.

Our journalists look at the European butter shortage that has shaken commodity exchanges and how Polish dairy exporters are benefiting from the crisis. Further, we talked to the CEO of Bakalland, Marek Moczulski, about the export opportunities available to Polish food producers.
We also examine the labor market in Poland and ask whether immigration can balance the scales at a time when unemployment is at an historically low level. Henryka Bochniarz, president of the employers’ confederation Lewiatan and Marcin Fiedziukiewicz, CEO of Jobsquare, a Tinder-like app for employers, chime in.

In our Tech Insights section, we focus on FinTech revolution: a game-changer for the banking system in Poland and elsewhere.

Our Lokale Immobilia section focuses on the airport areas and the opportunities they present to commercial space developers. We also take a look at Warsaw’s business hub Służewiec, and its need for a makeover after all its negative press.

Speaking of a makeover, our lifestyle section presents the hottest fall fashion this season, as well as an overview of the essential restaurants for a working lunch or expense account dinner.
Enjoy the read.

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