On the rise

Running a developer company is an activity for those with a strong psyche. Voices in the press predicting a long-term crisis in the industry and downfalls of major players have only just gone quiet, but hyperoptimistic forecasts about beating records from the residential boom of 2006-08 are already starting to crop up. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle, it’s just we don’t know where exactly. This and other unknowns concerning our residential sector will be debated by participants in the 8. conference “The Polish Residential Market” organized on 20-21 October in Warsaw’s Hilton hotel by Nowy Adres S.A.

Residential developers have felt the wind in their sails once again. As the Polish economy has stabilized, buyers have returned to the market – according to REAS consultancy, almost 42 thousand apartments were sold in the last four quarters, 16 percent more than in the previous record year of 2007!

The outlook for the next quarters is also optimistic – the cost of mortgage loans continues to be lowest in years, young buyers can use the government’s subsidy programme “Apartment for the Young Adults”, an additional impulse for purchases can be the raising of the mandatory own contribution when taking out a loan to 10 percent at the end of the year.

But what will happen in the market in the long term? Will “AYA” distort demand and supply by having a pro-cyclical impact? Will residents of large Polish cities abandon small flats from the popular segments in favour of larger dwellings of higher quality? Does the Polish state have a long-term residential policy at all? Aren’t we facing a return of stagnation, and was the collapse of one of Poland’s largest developers no coincidence? These and other questions will be tackled by participants in the 8. edition of the conference “The Polish Residential Market”, organized by Nowy Adres S.A. on 20-21 October in Warsaw’s Hilton hotel. The conference programme has been designed to ensure that particular panels and presentations focus on the most important issues and problems of today’s market and show the situation in the largest regional markets. This biggest and most prestigious meeting for the Polish residential property sector will be attended by nearly 50 speakers representing different, sometimes extreme views and opinions, as well as more than 300 participants. Among the speakers, discussion moderators and panelists will be industry journalists, reputed analysts and representatives of the largest market players.

During both days of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to share experiences, establish new business contacts and keep up to date with the latest market trends. Thanks to the special program Match Maker, you can arrange an individual meeting with any of conference participants.

More information about the conference and its detailed programme can be found at http://konferencje.nowyadres.pl/pl/biurowce-w-polsce


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