One in three Poles would consider buying an electric car – survey

Image : shutterstock

The majority of Poles would consider buying a car regular gas engine (57 percent), while 45 percent would consider a hybrid, 36 percent a diesel engine car and 32 percent an electric car, according to a survey conducted by ING. The reasons why Poles would think of purchasing an electric car are: lower operation cost (75 percent) and tax incentives (70 percent). Another important factor would be a reasonably large range of an electric car (69 percent of respondents) and the cars impact on the environment (61 percent).

A quarter of those polled said they would be willing to pay 10 percent more for an electric car compared to a vehicle with a combustion engine, while another 25 percent would be willing to pay 10-25 percent extra.

“That is too little for now to think of your own Tesla. Electric cars are currently twice as expensive as similar cars with combustion engines,” commented Karol Pogorzelski, economist at ING Bank Śląski. He added that technological advancements (cheaper batteries with higher capacity) and economies of scale may be able to bring the costs down. To accelerate mass production, some governments, including the US and Norway, have decided to subsidize electric car purchases.

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