Orange Polska with EBITDA of PLN 709 mln in Q2, above market consensus

Orange Polska record EBITDA of PLN 709 million in Q2 2018, against analysts’ expectations of PLN 682.2 million. Revenue came in at PLN 2.706 billion, with market consensus at PLN 2.702 billion, according to PAP. Net loss amounted to PLN 16 million, below market expectations of PLN 39 million. The results were calculated according to the new IFRS 15 standards.

For comparison with previous year’s results, the company also reported its results in the previous IFRS 18 standards, where its EBITDA fell by 4.3 percent y/y to PLN 785 million, due to “lower profit from asset sales.” Its revenue in IFRS 18 decreased by 2.6 percent y/y to PLN 2.766 billion, including a 17.1 percent drop y/y in mobile telecommunications services (PLN 729 million), a 7.8 percent decline y/y in hardline telecommunications services and a 5.3 percent drop y/y in equipment sales. Meanwhile, revenue from package services for individual clients increased by 33.6 percent y/y to PLN 134 million and by 9 percent y/y in wholesale services (to PLN 571 million).

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