Orlen CEO apologizes for tapes and takes aim at Wprost

Jacek Krawiec
Image : Orlen

In a personal statement published by PKN Orlen, the company’s CEO, Jacek Krawiec, apologizes for his statements which were heard during discussions recorded in the tape scandal. At the same time, he scolded the publisher of the tapes, Wprost magazine, for over-reaching boundaries of journalistic integrity.

According to Krawiec, the claim that the media serves as a watchdog of political activity is poorly supported by release of tapes that do not contain any information regarding his legal or illegal activity. The tapes simply revealed juicy gossip and inappropriate language, and according to Krawiec, were aiming to tarnish people’s reputation and added a tabloid-like dimension to Wprost’s coverage.

He goes on to underscore the importance of PKN Orlen to the Polish economy and to the successes of the firm in building energy independence for the country. Simplistic conversation taken out of context does not serve the public good, as the editor-in-chief of Wprost would like us to believe, said Krawiec. He also wrote that legal action will be taken on behalf of the firm. The stability of Orlen is not to be question by this scandal.

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