Orlen’s German branch partners with Tesla

Image: http://www.orlen-deutschland.de/

Two petrol stations star will be equipped with Tesla e-filling stations as a result of the deal between US electric car manufacturer Tesla and Orlen Deutschland, a German unit of the major Polish refiner.  Fast-charging Tesla stations , known as the “Supercharger,” will be able to recharge the Tesla Model S in just half an hour for free.

“The partnership with Tesla expands star’s offering of alternative mobility solutions, making an important contribution to resource conservation,” said star managing director and spokesman Wiesław Milkiewicz.

Two star filling stations are currently being outfitted with Superchargers, the world’s fastest charging ports, for up to four cars – one at Grimmen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and one in Uckerfelde in Brandenburg, near the Polish border.  A mere 30-minute charge powers up the zero-emissions Tesla S sports car for a range of 270 kilometers. The two star Supercharger stations represent an expansion of Tesla’s planned Europe-wide network of charging stations strategically spaced approximately every 200 km.

Star is the petrol station brand of Orlen Deutschland, which has been operating more than 550 petrol stations in the northern half of Germany since 2003. Since October of last year, star has been offering car sharing as well. Motorists in the Hamburg area can pick up and drive a vehicle at 19 different stations as part of “Share-a-Starcar.”

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