,,Outsourcing Magazine” – debate


Last week’s debate organized by the editors of Business Services Magazine is already behind us. The meeting designed for representatives of the modern business services sector brought together nearly 20 participants which included heads of global shared service centres and representatives of consulting and recruitment companies.

The debate – which took place at the “Tymczasowa” art gallery in the Business Garden office complex in Warsaw, focused on the role played by Polish leaders in creation of modern global shared service centres for international brands. It was, without a doubt, a constructive, provocative and professional discussion aimed at broaching some key subjects relating to leadership and transformation of service provision models as well as robotics and automation.

The Dutch and Polish duet, i.e. Arjen Sader and Maciej Piwowarczyk – the content partner for Business Services Magazine, complemented each other perfectly in moderating a very dynamic and occasionally heated discussion.

The main task undertaken during the debate was to examine certain burning issues and try and find answers to the following questions: What will be the future role of Polish leaders and what impact will they have on the evolution of the global SSC industry? What lies ahead of the modern business services environment? Additionally, participants pondered the question of whether GBS that truly shapes and contributes to organizational strategy is merely a myth or reality.

The above represent only some of the subjects addressed, and we would like to expand on a broader range of topics in the successive issues of our magazine to be presented in its new shape and format.

Business Services Magazine is to replace the old Outsourcing Magazine brand, while we hope that it will meet the needs of industry professionals to an even greater extent.


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