Outsourcing means predictable, low costs


Dariusz Jędrzejczyk, Key and Corporate Segments, Orange Polska


From its onset, the development of modern technology brought with itself the necessity of joining technological resources in order to manage better, as well as simplify workers’ activities. What is the main
challenge within IT outsourcing today?

It began with…
New technologies appeared piecemeal. In the mid-90s, the average office had a personal computer and telephone for each worker, as well as an available connection with the net and fax. Gradually, mobile phones started appearing; along with them, e-mail connectivity, and the ability to use online data and services. The onset of of the 21st century brought with it new challenges and costs. Yet most early providers imposed their own conditions, including pricing. It was difficult for managers to commit time and attention to manage IT functions that were essential to operations, yet did not translate directly into development of the firm.
Current uncertainties
Dealing with repetitive and relatively simple functions is just one of the problems connected with IT outsourcing. Solving difficulties connected with the management of modern technologies, which require specialist knowledge, is a much more complex challenge. For example, the employers of a meat processing plant or a clothing distributor may not necessarily know how to configure private access to a company cloud, where each employee’s access rights are dependent on the position they hold. Furthermore, they may be ill-prepared to resolve possible system failures – an outside specialist is indispensable in such cases. Small and medium enterprises do not require a lot of services, hence they seldom decide to sign long-term contracts with IT providers. Instead they prefer to rely on the services of independent experts, who are all too often focused on a very specific field of knowledge and cannot offer a firm the undivided attention that company owners would like. On the other hand, larger firms and corporations do not put any more confidence in IT outsourcing than the smaller firms. Some of them, in connection with their own activity in modern technology, decide to implement their own independent solutions. Others, who need technology solely for development and management streamlining, often complain that providers do not give their problems enough contemplation.

Benefits in unity
How to manage such doubts and problems? How to reconcile everyday maintenance of IT infrastructure with the resolution of special problems? In addition, how to simplify the delivery of various media, while saving money at the same time? Some companies, including Orange, deliver technological solutions that consolidate services and products necessary for the management of a firm. Suggested offers cater to the needs of various clients – from small companies that require basic solutions, as well as corporations searching for specialist and customized services and products. Such services guarantee ample care in the daily use of equipment and programming, as well as a specialist help desk in the event of more serious crises. Besides caring for computers and their proper functioning, telecommunications services, cloud and data backup are among the offered solutions. A single contract is easier to manage, requires less attention, and is less expensive than sourcing services from multiple providers. Furthermore, such an offer provides cost predictability

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